4 Tips for Buying a Home During De-escalation

How can I find the right house?

Carry out an online investigation before arranging a viewing. There are many online tools available (3D plans of the houses, virtual tours, high-quality videos and photos etc.) which will allow you to avoid unnecessary visits that may put the health of both the buyer and the seller at risk. Beyond the house itself, it is also important to evaluate its surroundings. Find out whether there are health centres nearby, public transport connections, schools, parks, shops and restaurants, among other services and investigate traffic levels in the area.

What should I take into account during viewings?

In spite of the current situation, you will likely have to visit the property several times before making a final decision. For this reason, it is essential to adopt safety measures when viewing the property and to make the most of each visit, paying close attention to certain aspects such as orientation, insulation, possible humidity, state of conservation, facilities, energy consumption or age. If you are interested in purchasing the property, you must first obtain documentation, including the deed of the house, a certificate from the community that proves that the seller is up to date with the payment of community charges, the status of the property charges and the most recent receipts for water, electricity and gas or the energy efficiency certificate. All of these documents can be obtained online.

Can I afford to buy the house?

In this context of uncertainty, it is very important to assess whether purchasing a home is viable in the medium and long term, depending on your economic situation.

Which home best suits my needs?

Priorities have changed during confinement and new housing needs have emerged. Features that were previously considered less important such as open spaces, outdoor areas like terraces or balconies, natural light, energy efficiency and the use of toxin-free construction materials have gained popularity,  taking precedence over previous priorities such as property size, ceiling height, a central location or having a community pool. Nowadays, we must consider a home that is not only ideal for living in, but for working in too.

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