Buying property in Spain, checking your intended property

What can be more important than checking the Title Deed of the Spanish property you want to buy – before you even approach a lawyer to do your conveyancing for you?

After all, you may find out immediately that the person you are dealing with is not the owner, despite claiming to be so!  Alternatively, you may find that the reality of the Spanish property you want to buy bears no relationship to its detailed description in its Spanish Title Deed – which would be an indication of potentially serious problems.

In short, by looking at the Spanish Title Deed of a property that interests you could save yourself a lot of problems and wasted time in negotiating for a property in Spain that is simply not worth buying.

Well, the Spanish Land Registry has just launched a web page in English – so that now you can check the Title Deed of any property in Spain.  This is a useful service at a very minimal cost.  Indeed, a search can be done on-line for only around 10 Euros with the translation fee (every request is individually translated) some 20 Euros.

So, if you are looking at buying a property in Spain then do visit:  The site is clear, safe it is a Spanish government web site) and very useful.

I would, however, emphasise that being able to check the Spanish Title Deed of a property does not mean that you should not use a specialist conveyancing lawyer for the conveyancing of your intended property.  A good, clean conveyance of a property involves a great deal more than just looking at the Spanish Title Deed – if only life was so easy for us Spanish property buyers and us Spanish lawyers!!.

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