Do you own a property in Jávea?

  • May 12, 2012

It has recently been announced, in several local newspapers, that the ‘Catastrazo’ – which increased the Council Tax to be paid by owners of property in Javea in 2005 has been declared null and void by the Spanish Supreme Court! For this reason,...

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New taxes in Spain due shortly!

  • June 20, 2012

El Consell de la Generalitat (the Valencian Autonomous Government) has just drafted a Bill where property Transfer Tax (tax which is paid for purchasing properties) will be increased by 1 %. Instead of paying 7% for re-sale properties in Valencia, purchas...

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More expected changes on taxes in Spain!!

  • September 19, 2012

                    Minister for the Treasury and Public Administration Services, Cristóbal Montoro I am afraid that if you have not recovered from the increase in IVA (VAT) in Spain – which has gone up to 21% – then you will not be...

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Occupancy Permits and buying houses in Spain

  • October 4, 2012

Estate agents clearly play an important part in the process of selling houses inSpain, however their influence is not always benign.  Indeed, all too often I encounter agents who are pushing their clients to buy properties irrespective of the advice of c...

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