Community debts in Spain within Spanish apartment blocks

Because of the dreadful economic situation in Spain, some owners of apartments in Spain have realized that their fees, which they have to pay every year to the Community of Property Owners for their block, are increasing – because some apartment owners have failed to pay their fees.

Amazingly, some of the non-paying owners of the apartments ignore repeated requests to pay their community fees with some thinking that they are safe to do so because they live permanently in another country.  This is a mistake!

In fact, if you have an apartment in Spain and have neighbours in your Spanish apartment block who are not paying their community fees – then you can do something about this.  Certainly, you do not need to take legal action in another country.

If a flat owner in a Spanish apartment block owes money to the Community of Property Owners the you should make sure that all the relevant information is entered into the Community of Property Owner’s book (the debtors name and surname, the number of the flat he/she owns, the fees which have not been paid and the decision of the Community to take legal action to recover the unpaid fees).

Legal action can then be started.  This could result in a court order for the non-fee paying owner’s flat being sold by public auction, with any debts to be paid (including the community fees) from the proceeds of the sale.

This procedure is effective and is taken by thousands of communities all over Spain – when flat owners refuse to pay their community charges.

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If someone in your block of apartments in Spain refuses to pay their community charge then you can take action

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