Comunicación Agencia Tributaria – Tax Office Letter!

Some months ago a client contacted me saying that he had received a letter from the Spanish Tax Office (Agencia Tributaria) saying that he owns a property in Spain but has never submitted a Spanish Tax Return either as a Spanish Tax Resident or as someone who is Non Tax Resident.

In effect, the letter (Comunicación) was a warning from the Spanish tax office to submit a Spanish tax return, if he had not done so already – before the tax office checks!

In fact, in just one day last week, I received three calls from clients living in different provinces all saying that they had received the same type of letter from the Spanish tax office.  Clearly, all were panicking!

Well, if you receive a Comunicación from the Agencia Tributaria then do not panic – just go and see your Spanish lawyer who will help you provide the right information!

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