COVID-19: Managing Cancelled Appointments at the Foreigners Office

An important notice was published by the Foreigners Office of the Government Sub-delegation in Alicante on the 30th of April.


The Foreigners Office in the province of Alicante has launched an exceptional procedure to speed up the processing of applications for residence permits for those with appointments that have been cancelled as a result of lockdown.

Once the state of alarm has been lifted, the application can be completed easily with just a signature and original documentation. This date will be officially counted as the entry of the file.

The Foreigners Office is fully in control of the process, so failure to comply with the instructions provided will only cause delays.


➡ The Office will communicate with applicants through the email address provided in the application.

➡ Only those with cancelled appointments will be sent an email with the relevant instructions.

➡ It is not obligatory to do what the email suggests. If the interested party would prefer to submit the application telematically or would prefer to wait until after the state of alarm, then that is alright. It is not necessary to send an email declaring this intention.

➡ Some will have already submitted an application through other means that they know to have been received. If they receive an email with further instructions, disregard them. Submitting multiple applications for the same thing can only cause delays.

➡ Wait for the email before pursuing other actions. Going ahead as normal will affect the functioning of the process and will lead to delays and errors.

➡ If you do not have a cancelled appointment but mistakenly receive this email, do not send off the relevant documentation. Your application will not be in a position to be processed.

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