Electricity bills in Spain will be sent bi-monthly rather than monthly (once again)

By Royal Decree 1718/2012 of December 28th the Spanish Official State Bulletin, (Real Decreto 1718/2012) has decreed the procedure for the reading and billing of electricity for users that are below 12kw.

Accordingly, electricity users with 15 kW or less (mainly homes and small companies) will receive their electricity bill every two months from this April and onwards together with the readings of the usage unless they have ‘equipos de telemedida”.

If you have an ‘equipo de telemedida’ and wish to have a two monthly bill, you have to request it expressly from Ibedrola (electricity service supplier).

Electricity companies will have to attach a letter to the bills sent now informing users about this change of billing – as approved by the Government.

Those of you who want to keep being billed monthly will have to contact Iberdrola and specifically request this action.

 For those of you living in Spain, the above may explain why Ibedrola has been installing electronic meters!

Carolina Just

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