Learn how to complain in Spain!

If you are dissatisfied with the service you have received from a professional in Spain or from a restaurant, shop etc, you must ask the person or organisation for their Hoja de Reclamaciones – which means ‘Complaints Form’.

A Hoja de Reclamaciones and the form to fill in will be like the one shown below – and it is available in English.


This Hoja de Reclamaciones  is an official complaints form and that every business must have.  It is a means, provided by the Autonomous Government of Valencia (Generalitat Valenciana) for consumers and service users who wish to make a complaint – at the time and place when the problem arises.

The form has four copies:

The white copy should be sent by the person making the complaint to the Consumer Territorial Service (Servei Territorial de Consum) of the Province where the complaint occurs, through any register.  Meanwhile, the complainant should deliver the pink and yellow copies to the owner or the person in charge of the establishment or firm under complaint – and should keep the green copy.

In a case affecting a tourist establishment, the white copy should be sent to the Tourism Territorial Service (Servei Territorial de Turisme) in the relevant Province.

You should also include any proof of facts to clarify your complaint, particularly bills or receipts for complaints relating to services or prices.

Companies should have a sticker on their wall informing clients that they have these Complaints Forms.

The sticker will look like this one below:


If you have any problems dealing with a complaint or contractual matter then do please feel free to contact me.

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