New Law in cross-border successions

cross border successions within the EU


I am publishing here the press release published by the European Commission on the 26th July 2012, as I find it extremely important for everyone to know.

The new regulation on cross-border successions, will make it easier for EU citizens to handle the legal side of an international will or succession. The rules will bring legal certainty to the estimated 450,000 Europeans families dealing with an international succession each year.

The new law makes it considerably simpler to settle international successions by providing a single criterion for determining both the jurisdiction and the law applicable in cross-border cases: the deceased´s habitual place of residence. It also permits citizens to plan their succession in advance in full legal certainty. The law also provides for a European Certificate of Succession, which will allow people to prove that they are heirs or administrators of a succession without further formalities throughout the EU.

Member States now have three years to align their national laws so that the new EU rules become more effective.

At last, the EU has taken a further action to protect EU citizens living abroad.

Denmark, UK and Ireland will not gain any benefit from the new rules as this Regulation will not be applicable to them.


Carolina Just


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