Obtaining planning permission in Spain is now more important than ever before!

The LOTUP has already been approved by the Valencian Government and now it is pending approval by the Valencian Parliament (Les Corts). The approval will have significant implications for Spanish property owners.

Why to worry now?

Well, according to the existing law, after a period of four years has passed by the Town Hall in your village cannot take any legal action against you, even if you had not received permission the building work you have undertaken.

However, the new LOTUP law will mean that this period of four years will be extended to 15 years after the work has taken place. This is a very important change to the law and may well spread into other regions- although at present the LOTUP law will only apply to Valencia, Alicante and Castellon.

Finally, always remember that it is you, as the owner of the property, who is liable for having the correct paper for building works carried out in your property.

In short-be careful and obtain planning permission for any building works that you wish to carry out!

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