On ‘builder’s’ electricity in Spain? You have a problem that needs solving fast

At the end of this post, you will see the type of letter Iberdrola has been sending out lately to those people whose houses are still on their builder´s electricity bill in Spain.  If you have received this letter, you should realise that you have a problem and one that deserves your full attention NOW.

 I do not know if Iberdrola is sending these letters out to everyone in Spain at the same time but I can guarantee you that Ibedrola is doing it all those people living in the Valencian Community who are on ‘builder’s electrics.

Properties on a builder’s supply in Spain are relatively common, however this should not be the case – as every house in Spain should have an electricity contract directly with Iberdrola and receive bills in their own name. 

 You might be asking: why am I receiving this letter now after owning my property for many years?

The answer is simple, your electricity is still on your builder´s supply – because you do not have an Occupancy Permit (Licencia primera o segunda ocupación) from your Town Hall.  This is a very important document and one that you should have made sure of receiving when you bought your property.

If you have already approached your local Town Hall and they are reluctant to issue your Occupancy Permit then you need to contact Ibedrola and request an extension of your builder´s supply for two further years.  

 However, act fast as Iberdrola only give you 60 days to apply for this extension.

 If you want me to assist you on this matter to obtain the relevant documents and to then approach Ibedrola, please let me know. Equally, if you are looking for a more permanent solution (i.e to get your Occupancy Permit) then you may like to contact me or meet me at my offices.

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