Pet problems in Spain

Have you had problems with your pet in Spain and then not known what to do?

Well, this week a client contacted me to let me know that his beloved dog had died, whilst the dog groomer was drying him after a bath.

This news was very unwelcome. I have a dog (you can see her on the photo attached) and any bad news relating to dogs always affects me.

The owner told me that he had taken his dog to the dog groomer and, whilst he was waiting for her to finish with his dog, the dog suddenly died – despite it being young and very healthy.

Some weeks have passed now since the death of the owner’s dog but the owner is still very upset.  Furthermore, he believes that the dog groomer suffocated the dog whilst she was drying him because he remembers the dog had a tongue that had turned blue.

So – the owner has asked me if he can sue the dog groomer.

I told the owner that he could sue the dog groomer if he could prove that the dog died as a consequence of the actions of the dog groomer.

Now you might ask how you can obtain proof that the dog died because of the actions of the dog groomer?

Well, it is relatively easy – if you take your dog to a Vet and the Vet provides a report stating the cause of death.

However, it is also very important to have a document that proves that you took your dog to the dog groomer (as in this case) and that the animal died there. If the owner is reluctant to give this proof to you and evidence that he died on the premises then you should contact the local police. You must make sure that you obtain written proof that your animal died on their premises.

If you have problems or queries relating to your pets then do feel free to contact me at any time.

Carolina Just Miro – Gandia lawyers

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