Property legality in Spain

Recently, for example, some people in the Barx area have received a letter from the Cadastral Office requesting them to properly register their property.  This should have been done by your lawyer when he conveyed your property to you.  Alternatively, you may have done works to your property that should have been registered, such as building an extension or putting in a swimming pool.  All of these things need not just a properly issued building licence but also they must be registered.

Last week I received a call requesting documents for a property located in C/ Cap de Moro, which does not have the pool registered.  This needs to be done and is something that I am undertaking at the moment.

Unfortunately, there is a side effect to properly registering a property and that is the cost of doing so and an inevitable increase in council tax (IBI).

Nonetheless, registration is very important.  Certainly, if your property is not correctly registered then it can cause huge problems should you come to sell the property and there is a disparity between the reality of your home and what is shown on the Cadastral.

If you have any questions about this, then do contact me and I will assist you in making sure that your property is correctly registered.

Carolina Just – Gandia Lawyers

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