Registering on the Padron in Spain (your Town Hall)

In this article you will find all the questions you need to know relating to registering at your Town Hal and thereby being added to the muncipal census.

1.  What is the municipal census?

It is the administrative register where all the residents of a given municipality are listed.

2.   Who has to be include in the municipal census?

Everyone who lives in Spain has the obligation to register with the municipal census in the municipality where they live.

3.  What rights and obligations do you obtain by a being resident?  Well, you are:

a)       Eligible to vote as detailed under electoral law

b)      Can participate in the management of the municipality as specified by law.

c)       Use municipal services.

d)      Contribute to the execution of municipal responsibilities by economic and personal contributions.

e)       Must be informed about previously made petitions and solicit the municipal administration for files and/or documentation as described in article 105 of the Spanish Constitution.

f)       Can arrange public consultations as described by law.

g)       Apply for benefits and/or the establishment of the corresponding public service.

4.  When do foreign residents have to register in the municipal census?

Foreigners must register themselves, along with their families, in their municipality´s census upon moving there.

5.  Where do you have to go to register in the municipal census?

This is done in your municipality´s Town Hall and it is free.

6.  What do you need to register?

Full name


Primary residence


Date and place of birth

Number of passport and NIE number

Any academic title or degrees which you may have.

Any additional information which may be required for the electoral census.

Your signature

7.  Can the Town Hall ask for documents to validate the truth of the information given by the residents?

Yes, the Town Hall can request the submission of your passport or NIE number, Deed, Rental Contract or other related documents.

8.  What proof of census registry document can be requested of the Town Hall?

A registration certificate, which is issued by the secretary of the municipality, or delegated civil servant.

9.  When must residents communicate any changes in their personal situation?

When these changes imply a modification to the obligatory information which is contained in the census, such as changes in surname, primary dweling, or nationality. When changes affect minors or disabled individuals, this obligation corresponds to their parents or legal guardians.

10. What is the procedure when there is a change of address?

The person in question has to fill out a form in their Town Hall to request in writing that they be registered in the census of the destination municipality. The Town Hall of the municipality will remit a request to the original Town Hall, within the first ten days of the following month, to remove the resident from their census.

11. Is there a penalty for failure to register?

The mayor´s office will penalize any failure to register, as well as the falsification or wilful omission of information encountered the census registration forms.

12. Did you know that with your census registration you help improve and increase your municipality´s services?

Your Town Hall will receive more benefits and grants from provincial, regional and national institutions – if the number of residents in the municipality increases. In this manner, it can provide more municipal services to its population, which means you won´t need to travel to another town. The building of a new health centre or hospital, for example, in your municipality could be highly beneficial…

If you have any problems dealing with the municipal census or registering at your Town Hall in Spain then then do please feel free to contact me.

Carolina Just- Gandia Lawyers

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