Selling your property in Spain, the tax implications

If you plan to sell your Spanish property shortly then should realise that if you are a non- tax resident in Spain, you will face a Capital Gains Tax of 21 %.

Furthermore, the buyer, by law, is obliged to retain (and pay to the Tax Office) 3% of the selling price on the day of completion and this percentage is then paid through the Spanish Tax Form number 211.

Once this 3% is paid, you (as the seller) have three months to submit the Spanish Tax Form number 210. On this form, you declare your gains (if any) or you can ask for the 3% back.

With regard to Capital Gains Tax in Spain on properties – you may wish to have a look at this summary of Spanish Capital Gains Tax on the sale of buildings (in English).

Of course, if all of this is a bit confusing then do feel free to contact me!

Carolina Just Miro


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