Spanish department of traffic (DGT) guidelines on British driving licences after Brexit

The National Department of Traffic (DGT) has published instructions as to the exchange of driving licences related to UK citizens.

If the UK leaves the EU with an agreement on the voluntary withdrawal of a Member State of the Union, all the provisions relating the recognition of driving licences will be remain in force until the end of the transitory period (31st December 2020).

If UK leaves the EU without an agreement,

  • Will British driving licences still be recognized as legal in Spain?

UK driving licences, valid and in force and issued by the British Authorities, will be acceptable to the Spanish authorities for driving in Spain for a period of 9 months (from the date the UK leaves the Union). 

Once this period expires, general rules will become applicable and UK driving licences issued by the British Authorities will be acceptable to the Spanish authorities for driving in Spain for only 6 months (from the date the holder of the driving licence entered Spain or from the date he/she obtained legal residency).

We suggest that the holders of British driving licences, who will still be residing in Spain after the date the UK leaves the Union, should exchange their driving licences for Spanish licences before this date. 

  • Will Spanish driving licences will be recognized in the UK ?

According to the information published by the British Government, Spanish driving licences will still be valid for driving in the UK according to the provisions set out in the following link:

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