Spanish Inland Revenue (Hacienda) seeks to extend the period to prosecute fiscal frauds

Spanish Inland Revenue – the most frightening building in Spain!

The Spanish tax authorities may soon obtain the right to investigate tax frauds that were committed up to 10 years ago – as opposed to the current limit which means that they cannot investigate frauds committed over four years ago.

The General Director of the Spanish Inland Revenue, José María Meseguer, is currently trying to get the right to prosecute tax frauds on important matters from four years to seven or even ten years.  This may have implications for many people!

Furthermore, Meseguer says that the Spanish Inland Revenue will start, in October, a campaign against those who do not comply with their tax obligations. The campaign will be mainly aimed at those people who did not submit their Income Tax Returns during 2009 and 2010 – and those who did not submit a valid VAT (called IVA in Spain) return.

So, watch out!



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