The Spanish Cadastre- a vital tool for every property owner!

Do we know what the “Spanish Cadastre” is?

Every time there is a property purchase, buryers hear (or should hear!) about the Spanish Cadastre……..but do were really know what are they in charge of?

Well, the Spanish Cadastre is an administrative register with a fiscal origin, created as a data bank – to be accessed both by Public Administrations and citizens.

As an inventory of real estate, the Spanish Cadastre contains physical information about properties (size, location, use, shape, boundaries, cartographic representation, crops etc.), legal information (identification of holders or owners) and economic information (the Cadastral values of land and buildings).

However, what are the basic functions of Cadastral information?

The Cadastre provides:

–  Public Administrators with information for the tributary managements of different taxes based on real estate property

– security wfor real estate property transfers – as it is compulsory to include the Cadastral code of properties in Deeds and Registry inscriptions, in order to complement the legal information of the registry of the property (along with the physical and economic data of the Cadastre).

– a data bank, at the service of citizens and Public Administrations – who can use Cadastral information for the management of their policies of territorial planning  or for the planning services of utility companies.

– evidence in court about a particular property.

So, as you see, the function of the Cadastre is important and therefore you should pay close attention to the Cadastra and what it states about your property – before purchasing!

Carolina Just

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