Updates to the tax treaty between Spain and India

A tax treaty has existed between Spain and India since 1995 (it came into force in 1995), but has since been amended in 2012. The treaty aims to avoid double taxation and tax evasion. A key amendment concerns the taxes included in the treaty. With regard to Spanish taxes, the “Tax on the Income of Non-Residents” is now included in the “taxes covered” article. Article 10 ensures that the amendments remain in force for as long as the treaty remains.

The changes read as following:

Article 1.

Paragraph 3(a) of Article 2 (Taxes covered) is deleted and replaced with the following:

(a) in Spain:
(i) Personal Income Tax;
(ii) corporate income tax;
(iii) the Tax on the Income of Non-Residents; and
(iv) Wealth Tax;
(hereinafter referred to as “Spanish tax”).

Article 10.

This Protocol of Amendment shall remain in force for the duration of the Convention.

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