Working in Spain, starting a new business

The Spanish Government plans to approve a Royal Decree where small businesses will be allowed to start working immediately, as the actual system of licences is going to be eliminated. This measure is called ‘autolicencia exprés’ and is aimed at allowing small businesses to start working without having to wait for a municipal business activity licence (which can take a long time)..

At the moment, the ‘autolicencia exprés’ is intended to be applicable only to those businesses which have (or will have) premises less than 300 sqm.

If you intend to open a small business, you need to submit the following documents before the Town Hall:

–         Technical Report issued by a professional regarding your premises

–         A document declaring that you comply with municipal rules (you must sign this)

–         Application form (with fee paid to the Town Hall)

Once these documents are submitted at the Town Hall, you are ready to start working!

Carolina Just Miro – lawyer




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